The origins of Deb’s Bucket List

Deb’s Bucket List

sailboat with lights
Ted’s sailboat, Victoria, in the marina on the Delaware River.


What To Do, What To Do

With the sailboat on the dry for the winter in the marina we were back in Philadelphia for the weekends. The summertime fun in the Chesapeake Bay was over. No tiki bar to check out. No raft-ups for the “red-neck-yacht-club” socializing. It looked like it was gonna be a long winter again.

Out and About

Luckily things were different that winter. Our sailing buddy Ted from the Bay had migrated up to Philly for the winter on his 33 foot Morgan. He was living aboard on the Delaware right under the Ben Franklin Bridge on a funky dock. He had electric and a heater and welcomed us to check it out on a snowy Friday night. We went down to see him, had a brew onboard, and decided to head into the city to see what taverns and bars were nearby. On that cold wintry night on land in the city “Deb’s Bucket List” was born.


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