Dock Street Brewing Company

IMG_3297The Dock Street Brewing Company is housed in an old West Philadelphia fire house. Serving up delicious pizza, they are known more for their craft ales that won awards from the 1980’s to today. Their previous location was near Logan Circle in Center City when the 1980’s television drama “Thirtysomething” referred to their brews in their episodes.

Man Full of Trouble #manfulloftrouble  is one of their brews that refers to a Philadelphia Revolutionary War tavern. Behind the bar, the brewing equipment where they tap the beers regularly can be admired through large internal windows. The young hipster crowd with knit caps, beards and jeans looked like college students. We ran into another friend named Cory who works at the local university.

The interior architectural bones of the venue make an attractive backdrop to the dining room. Arched brick windows recall the bays used by the fire trucks of the past. The space is cavernous with high ceilings and lots of rustic tables nestled on the painted concrete floor between the front door and the back wall. Patrons also sit along the serpentine-shaped bar that extends the entire length of the large room, in front of a glowing wood-fire brick pizza oven. The wait staff passed back and forth all night with pizzas.

This night we met up with two sets of friends who have come along with us to explore other places this winter. The six buckteers! Bill & Mary split a pizza with us while Eric O. & Brian ordered calamari and French fried potatoes and leeks, washed down with Man Full of Trouble. We ordered brews & wine and I enjoyed my mock-tail seltzer water that was served in a bottle. Fancy!

March 13, 2015

Web site:

701 S 50th St,

Philadelphia, PA 19143

Near the intersection of S 50th St and Willows Ave

(215) 726-2337

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