Red Hot and Blue

IMG_6217After a winter storm dropped 8 inches of snow, we dug ourselves out and headed to Cherry Hill New Jersey’s Red Hot and Blue Restaurant to hear some great blues and eat Memphis Barbeque — worth the trip! It is a bar & restaurant combination next to a Holiday Inn on Route 70.

When we first arrived we couldn’t figure out where to sit. To be honest, the feng shei in there is terrible because the entire bar and dining room is in the shape of a boomerang! A little too bright, a little too long, but we were there for (a) the SISTER BLUE BAND and (b) the BBQ!

As tradition dictates we chose bar stools, however it was wrong for so many reasons. The band was going to perform at the far end of the boomerang shape so we wanted to sit in the center of the room, but our seats were across from the front door–every time someone walked in an arctic blast came in and hit us!

IMG_6218Nonetheless, despite the chill we ordered tasty ribs of three different flavors: Memphis dry rub, pepper garlic, and a crazy spicy vinegar that drove our tongues a little crazy. Along with the ribs we ordered a healthy “chopped salad” which was packed with a rainbow of veggies!

Once the music started we paid our dinner tab and moved to a table in the main dining room. The color red dominated the decor. Red and brown patterned wallpaper was very Holiday-Inn-mid-century, on purpose. The wooden dining booths and tables had red veneers. Suspended over each table were pendants with big drum shades displaying the umber trapezoid shapes from the 1960s. Adjoining the dining room, a separate room was filled with a private party.

Sister Blue was in fantastic form, singing and playing blues with her full band. Their sound is engaging, fun and energizing with a playlist that ranges from classic blues to modern R&B. When they started playing Ike and Tina Turner’s Proud Mary –“Rolling on the River”– the folks in the party room came out to listen. Sister Blue shouted “Come on out sisters!” Suddenly the dining room floor was filled with beautiful black women dancing and singing with fantastic voices. The band yelled out “It’s church!” So fun! Lots of smiling faces, with Tina dance moves all over the place. We stayed until the lights came on, around midnight.

March 6, 2015

2175 Rt-70 W,
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Near the intersection of RT-70 W and Sayer Ave

(856) 665-7427

Local website:

Main website:

In The News


New Jersey Monthly–blue.html

Bloomberg Business


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