Devil’s Pocket

Devils Pocket logoI invited a friend, Eric O., to join us for the bucket list and asked him to recommend a place. He immediately named Devil’s Pocket, a new gastro pub. Curious! We headed into an old rough and tumble neighborhood in Philadelphia known as Devil’s Pocket. With help from industrious angels it is becoming a gentrified place.

Devil’s Pocket is owned and operated by Marcus Versace, Eric’s friend. The chef, Andrew Wagner, hails from a popular Philadelphia restaurant where he brought with him his recipes for delicious comfort food such as mashed potatoes. The two partners are a match made in heaven.

Maurin_QuinaThe pub is located on a corner with understated signage but I spotted the logo on the front door window. Inside, the first impression is bright and striking! The intimate space is adorned with a gallery of devil art, hung on cream embossed walls with red beadboard below the chair rail. One well-known piece is a french advertising poster featuring green devil —Maurin Quina by Leonetto Cappiello. The attractive “Pick-Pockets Wall of Shame” gallery is hilarious. After speaking to Marcus about the history of the neighborhood, the selection of art about thieves makes sense.

There was a nice crowd on a freezing Friday night. We found two spots at the bar which had place settings ready for hungry patrons and brought over a third stool. Marcus came right over to welcome us when he spotted Eric. We enjoyed their specialty jerk chicken wings, chili, chicken soup, hummus platter and a sumptuous BLT — super-think bacon, lettuce and tomato on butter-grilled artisan bread. We washed it down with craft beer and spiked hot apple cider. Yum.

Please press play:

Eric’s friend, Brian, joined us and we took over the end of the bar with conversation. Marcus graciously granted us an interview and we learned about the whirlwind opening just six months earlier in October 2014. We enjoyed a devil-may-care evening and do plan to return in warmer weather when the bank of windows are opened to the outside world.

Feb 13, 2015

Devil’s Pocket
Address: 2425 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-735-2202


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