Garrett Hill Ale House

Garrett Hill Ale House – “Home away from home”

GH logoTHE BURBS! With the weather extremely frigid the willingness to drive too far was low. With a quick search near my zip code we found a few new choices, and one of them was Garrett Hill Ale House in Bryn Mawr. Known to the locals and the college crowd, the pub had some great reviews so we headed there.

From the street, the look was definitely inviting. There was the silhouette of a band in the window and people inside. The decor was modern with light wood bar and  flooring. We found two spots together at the bar, which is where we prefer to sit. There were 30 beers on tap with a menu describing each, which brings me to a confession. The current trend of offering so many craft brews on tap is a mystery to me. How do they offer so many kinds of fresh beer?

The bartender took care of us immediately. My bucketeer partner was packing his GoPro camera to document our night and captured our fun. Please press play:

Garrett Hill Ale House is known for their chef. They get a brownie point because the kitchen closed by 10pm but they extended for us. We ordered parmesan-rosemary wings which were huge and a surprise dish — duck spring rolls. Had to try them of course. Thin pastry with shredded veggies and duck meat rolled inside and fried — delicious!

The 5-person band, Dickens and Ballsworth, had an old-school playlist with sounds from The Big Chill and Purple Rain. The vocalist who could practically take a cover and make it his own. The boisterous crowd was filled with personal friends of the band but they were worthy of the loud applause.

There is an important rule about the bucket list — sometimes you have to make an effort to pull ourself out of your cocoon even though you may not want to. You could marathon stream boob-tube content but it’s always worth the effort to head out into the real world, even on a 22-degree night.

January 9, 2015

Garrett Hill Ale House
Address: 157 Garrett Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone:(610) 519-0500


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