Town Hall Liquors

sign1I attended the lovely afternoon wedding of my friends’ daughter on a Monday in College Park near Washington, D.C. After the wedding reception, later in the evening, the guests gathered in the hotel “dome” area to unwind and congratulate the parents of the bride.

Our celebrations were a bit noisy so the hotel staff asked us to move the party into one of the rooms, which we did, but it was a small space for the talkative bunch. Someone said we should try to find a bar nearby, but being a Monday night there were few options and most of the pubs were closed early due to winter break.

I jumped into action, opened up my smart phone, and found one just a five-minute walk away. Then, I shared my blog with a few critical people, Chip the father-of-the-bride and Craig his son. They were surprised to see that I had experience with this task! How can you argue with Debora the Explora? It was easy to agree and said let’s give it a try.

logoWe outfitted ourselves with winter jackets and hiked up the street to the place called Town Hall Liquors. From the outside the establishment was looking rather bleak. There was a large, tacky highway sign with individual plastic letters spelling out the prices of the spirits. Walking across the asphalt parking lot, we headed for the front door with a plain, illuminated sign. I think the whole group began to doubt my suggestion.

Upon entering we were all pleasantly surprised. Within the large space there pinball games, pool tables and posters on the walls with a circular bar in the center. This college bar had a 360 degree bar offering good positions for people watching. A few patrons looked up and gave us a friendly nod.

The young bartender explained there were a few good draft brews on tap and he began serving us immediately. chipshandWe enjoyed the rock and roll music that Chip’s son played “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf and at the end of the night our tabs were very low and our satisfaction high.

This bar also has an on-site liquor store specializing in kegs.

Dec 29, 2014

Town Hall Liquors
8135 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20740
Phone number (301) 474-3322

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