Bourbon Blue

bourbonblueThanksgiving brought out-of-town guests for the weekend and it was great to gather an entourage for the bucket list. It was no question that we would head to Manayunk for the “bucket list” because it is only a mile down the hill to some get to some of the best hot spots of Philly! The bucket list choice was Bourbon Blue, a New Orleans-themed pub.

Joining us that night were my twin sister, Di, and my brother-in-law, Tim, who traveled from Ohio, as well as my nephew, Morgan, and his girlfriend, Lauren, who traveled through a Nor’easter snow storm from Boston!

Situated on the banks of the Schulkill River that runs along Main Street in Manayunk, the Bourbon Blue pub features a cavernous salon with oversized wrought-iron chandeliers dripping with mardi gras beads, known as The Canal Lounge. The host greeted us with a large smile and a card-swipe machine to check IDs.

Tbourbon-bluehe attractive, curved wooden bar as you enter offered many seats, specialty cocktails like the Pomegranate-Cinnamon Old Fashioned and very attentive bartenders. There are round high tables in the center of the carpeted room to offer extra seating near the bar.

Our drinks were reasonably priced. Because we had just come from dinner we did not order any food although we had lots of delicious apps to pick from. During the week they host happy hour daily from 5:30-7:30, just the right time to get out of the city and into Bourbon Blue.

There was live music as we hoped with two musicians playing popular covers. It was a comfortable and lively spot for holiday merriment.

Parking in Manayunk is usually tricky (street and valet) but there is a new parking lot on the river nearby that has an attendant which is very affordable.

November 29, 2014

Bourbon Blue

Address: 2 Rector Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone:(215) 508-3360

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  • Bourbon Exchange

    We loved bourbon blue in Manayunk. Old school feel with classy rounded bar and good selection of New Orleans and Kentucky bourbons. Great old fashioned drinks with bourbon or rye. If you like bourbon, this is a must stop for your favorite bottle.

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