Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar

" "My twin sister, Diana, arrived from Cleveland to join me for the Thanksgiving holiday and was looking forward to checking out some Philly pubs. So when my son flew home from LA for the holiday too, asking for a ride into Center City to see his friends, she offered to drive us all in.

It just so happens that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the most busiest days of the year for bars. And lucky for us, on Wednesday nights in Center City the parking is free!

Where to go? We dropped him off in Mid-City. near Barbuzzo. Knowing that lunch was farm-fresh and delicious there, I knew it would be a great spot to take her. We entered the long, thin bar and lucked-out with two spots at the end. What a pretty and rustic environment! Because they are known for dishes from farm-to-table they have a beautiful barn door hanging on one wall. There are other rustic touches, including what resembles bushel basket lampshades on the lamps over the bar. We ordered two wines and with our cocktails, enjoyed their delicious caciocavallo stuffed meatballs. Too bad we did not stay for dinner as there are so many delightful things on their menu.

Nov 26, 2014


Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar
Address: 110 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone:(215) 546-9300

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