East Girard Gastropub

With boating season ending we started the new bucket list season. I had one place in particular to investigate — Garage, in South Philly. I missed this pub in my research the past few years so I really wanted to check it out. Even friends who drove for days from Montana to Philly last month stopped in there for a quick cold brew when they bought Geno’s and Pat’s hoagies during a visit with us. We drove down and orbited the block but could not find Garage nor a parking spot! We saw Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, Geno’s and Pat’s but could not find Garage. Disappointed, we drove away.
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EGG-1We headed to Fishtown for a place called EGG. The address led us to the corner of Girard and Frankford. I did not know at the time that EGG stands for East Girard Gastropub. Silhouettes of patrons could be seen in the windows facing the street. The pub is the standard size, a long and thin establishment with a long bar along one side and tables and stools on the other side. A chalkboard touted the craft beer offerings and the decor was dark and unassuming but comfy. The music was a good blend of familiar rock and roll. There was a good amount of patrons, all ages, and we were happy to find room at the bar where we perched for our visit.

EGG-2" "The friendly bartender immediately waited on us, serving water (yay) as well as our drinks while offering us the menu. We weren’t hungry for full dinners but found plenty of small plates and appetizer choices. I could not resist the namesake deviled eggs coupled with roasted brussel sprouts. My husband ordered wings, naked with sauce on the side, and he could not resist the macaroni and cheese. The food came quickly and was very tasty. The eggs were adorned with capers and the macaroni was an incredibly white creamy sauce. It was a gastropub experience that did not disappoint, thanks to Chef Rob Holloway. Tuesday through Thursday they offer specials and we are returning on Tuesday for Buck-A-Chuck oysters — $1 each!


November 14, 2014

East Girard Gastropub
200 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone:(267) 761-9343

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