Sassafras Bar Restaurant and Cafe

" "I heard about Sassafras Bar by my young co-worker who loves beautiful places. I met my girlfriend there for happy hour and although it was long and narrow, we found seats at a big, round wooden table with roomy wooden benches right next to the bar. The decor was very dark and rustic with original tile and woodwork dating back to pre-Y2K turn-of-the-century. The bartender came out from the bar to wait on us, who was charming and professional. When the crowd grew larger he still maintained great service— a class act. When another friend joined us, we ordered from their eclectic menu. We shared an ostrich burger, the tray of “artisanal cheeses of the world” and a deep fried pickle to go with our Cosmo straight-up and Maker’s Marks on the rocks.

The noise level from customers chatting it up was a little deafening but that is to be expected in a popular Center City establishment. However, despite being packed with patrons I was able to hear the music the whole night, swanky 1940’s jazz sounds. It fit the mood of the classic bar.

Upstairs, the ladies room visit was an unusual experience. When I knocked on the door several women replied all at once. Once the parade of women left, I entered and realized why the door was closed for so long. The toilet was sitting in the middle of an expansive room with lounge seating. They were holding court around the china throne. No wonder there was a wait! This bar is a good spot for girls’ night out, apparently.

Overall, it was a very nice evening. The website states “a fixture on Second Street for over 35 years…old-world pub with modern flavor”.

Oct. 10, 2014

Sassafras Bar Restaurant and Cafe

Web Site

Address: 48 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone:(215) 925-2317

In The News

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