Auburn Inn

auburn signMy weekend plan was to get together with twin friends from high school and my twin sister, Diana, in Cleveland, Ohio. Because I am afraid to fly 70 minutes in a plane I chose instead to drive for 8 hours. Color me crazy.

As I was approaching my twin sister’s home town, I got a text message from her, “Meet us at the Auburn Inn, and you are going to hate me because it is a dive and not something more glamorous”. I immediately thought “well, she obviously doesn’t read my blog!”

Weary from a day of driving, I set my navigation device to the Auburn Inn and in the wintry darkness pulled up to an old structure with a big porch that looked like a house. There were no typical tavern neon lights — just a warm glow from the windows, with a lot of cars parked in snow drifts around it. I pulled into the slushy snowy lot and found the last spot. The next thing that I saw was my brother-in- law, Tim, in my windshield! I had arrived safely!

auburn shovelNavigating the slushy snow, we went inside to a charming, busy tavern with lots of happy customers. My twin was already seated in a booth and we hugged and settled into our corner spot. The waitress/bartender came over with typical midwestern friendliness and took our orders. She said it was an “all-you-can-eat fish night, with fresh perch, and if you come back next Friday there will be lines out the door.” Sold. We ordered the fresh fish, ordered some light beer and caught up with each others’ news before continuing the next leg of the journey at our friend’s home.

On the way out the door, I could not help noticing the snow shovel resting between the candy machines. Yep, we were in a darling Ohio dive in the winter.

Feb 2014

Auburn Inn
17755 Ravenna Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

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Urban Spoon (The Plain Dealer)


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