Jay’s Elbow Room

jays-elbow-roomThis winter bucket list evening was spent in Maple Shade, New Jersey. We started out at Laurel Lanes and Brewster Pub and by 11 p.m. we were ready for our second stop on a two-stop night. We headed right across the highway to Jay’s Elbow Room for a night cap. The online reviews for Jay’s were all consistent — a true dive bar — and we were looking forward to checking it out.

A True Dive Bar

Outside, the tall highway sign was very retro and the neon sign above the door with two lights out added to the New Jersey highway scene. It was screaming “dive bar”, which is a tradition on our bucket list nights. I can’t explain why we like the unpolished bars so much, except that they feel like a shrine to history. Many other patrons have been there before us, sitting in the same vinyl seat!
Inside, the place was packed with young happy folk and we orbited the round bar looking for a place to sit. We especially like the round bars versus the long, single row of stools. You can view across the room and do some people watching without your back to the door, depending upon your luck.

The decor was simple with linoleum floors, beer posters and neon lights. Despite the crowd the bartenders at Jay’s were friendly and attentive. The clientele were respectful and happy, including us! Four drinks were served and the bill came to $16. Compared to Center City Philadelphia, that bar tab’s pretty sweet.

Jay’s Elbow Room

2806 New Jersey Route 73
Maple Shade Township, NJ 08052

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