Brewsters Pub and Laurel Lanes

brewstersIt was a Friday night in February, with some snow piles five feet high, and we needed to get moving and stretch our frozen muscles. Our New Jersey friends Rich and Sandy joined us on our quest for exercise & elbow bending so we picked a spot midway between us — Brewsters Pub and Laurel Lanes.

Bowling & Brews

We crossed the Betsy Ross Bridge from Philadelphia and a short drive later we saw the word BOWLING brightly lit in the dark sky.  We were immediately impressed with the size of the parking lot and how packed it was. Lots of other people apparently had the same idea! The building, home to the lanes and two food venues, Brewsters Pub and Tony Luke’s, was massive with neon signs beckoning us to come hither.

Brewsters Pub was dark and cozy with a view of the lanes. It was tucked behind a wall of plate glass windows allowing us to watch the action but still have a conversation despite the thunderous sound of pins getting clobbered by bowling balls.  We found four seats at the bar although there were tall table tops available.

laurel-lanesBefore we ordered, we decided to get our names on the list for lanes in case there was a wait. The bowling sign-in counter was staffed with friendly young men and added us to the wait list. When we explained that we were having dinner at Brewsters and would not be able to hear him announce our name, he offered to come down and find us. Nice touch!

Wings and Blings

Back at Brewsters we ordered bar wings, a chicken quesadilla, and salads with grilled chicken to accompany our drinks of bottled beer and cosmos. The food was well prepared and more than filling. The attractive female bartenders were friendly and attentive.

bowler Our bowling experience followed the pub scene. The lanes were washed in electric blue light, the rock music was just like a club and a cocktail waitress was attentive. Into our second game, the overhead blue lights went dark and disco lights began to flash.

There was only one electronic glitch—when the game stopped because the metal arm guard rested in front of the standing pins. We called for help via the intercom and they responded immediately, resetting the pins. It was a fun place to have drinks and feel like athletes at the same time (insert snicker here).


2825 New Jersey Route 73
Maple Shade Township, NJ 08052

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