The Oakmont National Pub

oakmontOn a snowy night Eric, Ted and I decided to hit the burbs for an evening of comaraderie and pub exploration as well as free parking! I already received two parking tickets from the City of Brotherly Love and maxed out my monthly quota. The bucket list was Irish Pubs in Havertown, Pennsylvania and we found our first pub after only a ten minute drive.

 The Corner Tavern

The Oakmont National Pub is an established corner tavern on Eagle Road. Walking in the front door, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff welcoming us. There was a two person band performing very current music, like Imagine Dragons, and singer had a great voice. Architecturally, the room has the feeling of a grand hall with high arching ceiling and wood paneled walls. The bar hugged one wall and a row of elevated booths line the opposite wall so the center of the hardwood floored room was very open and there were large screen TVs, perfect for sports fans.

We took our seats at the bar, which was decorated with a glamorous Valentine theme of pillar candles and red hearts. The bartender waited on us immediately, again with the smiling staff, and we enjoyed a house cabernet sauvignon and craft beer. The American cuisine menu looked good, but we did not order – next time! All ages and types were enjoying their night.

Owner: Brendan Goggin

Oakmont National Pub
31 E Eagle Rd, Havertown, PA 19083

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