South Philadelphia Tap Room

SPTR-barIn the Point Breeze area of Philadelphia, we were looking forward to check out SPTR after learning it had the same owners as Brew and American Sardine Bar. The sidewalk entryway was adorned with a classy planter and the bar area exposed a warmly rustic room. Laughing people were sitting at the table to the right, usually a good sign. The decor is composed of tiles, brick, wood, art and artistic lighting. The wall behind the bar held a very attractive mirrors, their logo and the line of taps indicated that they offered lots of craft beer – 14 taps I heard.

Long on Craft Beer But Short on Service

We walked in further to see the rest of the restaurant and asked the waitress if there was a second floor with music by any chance. She greeted us with a bored face and short answer, no. We went to the bar and the bartenders gave us the same facial expression, asking what do you want? No smiles. We ordered and asked for menus. They were delivered, again with a non-welcoming face. Ok, my friend tried to be jovial and asked about “the special” and the reply was deadpan. Three bartenders and a barback huddled at the end of the bar looking at some paper. By this time we started to feel like they were not really happy we were there, so instead of ordering we finished up our drinks and moved along. Too bad.

Apparently they have been in business for ten years and had good things written about them online. We had hoped it was going to be a nice first visit! Maybe they have become complacent with their notoriety? The owners better be careful and check in on the staff here, at least on Friday nights in the winter.
January 2014
1509 Mifflin Street,
Philadelphia, Pa 19145

Food Newtwork

Philly Beer Week


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