GIGI – It’s always fun at Gigi

GIGIKicking off another winter, we headed for Gigi — right in the heart of Old City on Market Street. Our good friend Zep Harpo was playing harmonica that night so we followed him into this very friendly place and luckily two spots were open at the bar at the front of the restaurant. Zep was playing with Johnny Never, a talented guitarist and singer with a playlist of great old blues. Great duo!

Top Notch Night for Music and Food

The staff was top notch and the owners, Reggie, Denise and Tom, came over and introduced themselves. That kind of welcoming has been unheard of on our Friday nights so we were very impressed. Reggie was very friendly and obviously proud of their establishment, excitedly telling us how they started up the partnership and where it is going. Big plans! It is due for a complete renovation with a new name “4 Fathers Philadelphia”, which stands for the four Founding Fathers of the United States. The name is perfect for Philadelphia, seeped in history of the birth of America. Once the restaurant is reopened and doing well there will be more 4 Fathers – Boston, etc. We hope they do well!

We had some delicious food in addition to our drinks — Edamame, Gigi wings and hot soup of the day. Their menu offered a healthy range of options from cheese steaks to salads. We hope they keep the healty choices on the next menu. The environment was clean, attractive and cozy – a long bar along the left and tables to the right, with dining in the rear. In the summertime they take advantage of a pergola covered side porch decorated with classic colonial pillars. We will return when they transform it into their new vision — if only just to talk again to Reggie and Denise! They make you feel special.

January 2014
319 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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