12 Steps Down

12 Steps Down Group Therapy Bar

12stepsOff to Bella Vista for the next location, 12 Steps Down. Get ready to inhale smoke! You literally walk down a set of concrete steps from the city street level into this underground dive bar, with permission to smoke your cigarettes and cigars! We were thrilled to find friendly staff and kick ass bartenders. (Funny to be carded at the entrance even though we are obviously way past 30.) The decor was truly dive — non-descript of the linoleum floor and ripped vinyl kind. Pleasantly unassuming.

12steps-boardA Limoncello For My Wife

Although packed with people on this winter night, the spacious pub was not too crowded. In the center of the room there was a full circle bar with a pool table along the back, hopping with a game going on. The tiny female bartender with a mohawk and enormous dangling star earrings was smiling as she worked, actively checking on all customers needs and pacing the bar nonstop. She suggested a Limoncello for me. A lemon wedge and a glass of sugar accompanied a shot glass with the lemon flavored, biting liquid…it all comes together in your mouth. It must be a South Philly tradition. It was a great last stop for the night.

January 2014

831 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

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