Tired Hands Brewing Company

Tired Hands logo

Tired Hands logo

Tired Hands

On a cold night in January with wind chill, snow drifts and an active flu season to battle we explored locally again in the burbs. The internet results included the familiar pubs but a new name to us popped up – Tired Hands cafe and craft brewery.

Tired Hands Upstairs Bar

Tired Hands Upstairs Bar

We met new friends, Pamela and Joseph there. The decor felt like we were in a bar in Colorado, with antlers hanging in the architectural cross beams in the ceiling and rustic wood walls, floors, and tables. Exposed brick walls were rustic and cozy. It was so totally transformed that we wondered “what used to be here?”

They have a Farmers’ Menu – locally grown produce and cheese/meat boards – to accompany the craft brews. We tried the fare—cheese board and roasted green beans in olive oil and herbs—and enjoyed the craft beer served by a slim young man in a fedora!

They brew their own, including a very elegant 13% dark Saison on tap called “Westy13”, apparently favored by the ladies.

January 2013

16 Ardmore Ave
Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 896-7621


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