Downey’s – Drinking House Dining Saloon

downeys 2011

Drinking House Dining Saloon

A freezing winter night, we met up on Ted’s sailboat and decided to explore Society Hill. Downeys is a well-known Irish pub with dark walls and a round bar. Eric, Ted and I found a place to hang in the noisy crowd.

The place was packed with dating couples and groups of men and it was Kareoke Night. I have a vague memory of singing Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” but the sound system was overwhelmed by the boisterous conversations.

February 2011

526 S Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 625-9500
Owner: Chef-owner Domenico Centofanti bought it from Jack Downey in 2003.
Opened in 1976.

From Their Website:

“The restaurant is located in the city’s premier neighborhood, Society Hill. The rich mahogany bar, wood panels and stained glass panes were imported from Country Cork in Ireland…Grub Street Philadelphia: Downey’s received a Spike TV’s Bar Rescue makeover in 2011.”

In The News:

Grub Street – Bar Rescue

City Paper



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