Towey’s Tavern

Towey’s Tavern

Toweys Tavern

Toweys Tavern

After the meal at Campbell’s, Ted took us for a stroll up the street for a brew at the unassuming Towey’s Tavern. It was old-school bar decor, with tile floor, cigarette and beer  smell and non-matching stools. Not crowded but busy, his old neighborhood hang-out had cheap beer and a dart board.

At the bar, one middle age frumpy guy sat in the corner, bending over his 2 flat beers with a cigarette extended from his drinking hand. From the hunched shoulders his face was buried into a bar-top arcade game. Soon his buddy arrived, the second beer made sense, and the blue arcade light reflected off both their old faces while they enjoyed the game. It was kind of heart-warming on a cold winter night – to see the bonding of these two old guys, the bonding that these neighborhood bars are known for.

March 2013 –

7829 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Neighborhood: Chestnut Hill
(215) 247-2029

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