The Sidecar Bar & Grill

The Sidecar Bar & Grill

The Sidecar Bar & Grill

The Sidecar Bar & Grill

Our good friends Susan and Jack joined us on this cold winter bucket list run to the Sidecar Bar and Grill. After locating the arty hanging sign of a speeding sidecar above the front door, we walked in or rather squeezed our way in past everyone in the doorway, continuing to squeeze through the crowd long after we had entered. Apparently this was a hot spot.

The bar had no empty stools and the tables were filled with people eating with a late night dining scene offering burgers and hummus platters. They had a large craft beer menu and the waitress with many tattoos was extremely friendly, recommending that we hang out near the juke box until something opens up. Drinks in hand we obliged and talked over the rock music.

Soon a waitress escorted us upstairs to the only empty table in an equally crowded and noisy second floor, past the second bar. Despite the noise levels we had a nice time catching up with Jack and Susan noshing on a big plate of nachos around midnight.

Buzz Alert: Known for a top-notch Sunday brunch, the Sidecar Bar & Grill is owned by William Reed, who also owns Standard Tap. The film crew from the TV show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” came to the Sidecar & The Standard Tap to discuss filming a future episode.

March 2013 –

2201 Christian St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 732-3429

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