Campbell’s Place

Campbell’s Place

Campbell's Pub

Campbell’s Place

We started out on Ted’s boat to float and toast to life. Sadly, Ted’s wife who was “too-young-to-leave-us” had recently passed away so we honored her and grieved together onboard Victoria, the boat she shared with him.

Ted had plans to embark on a road trip with his Dad the next day, so, after our onboard toast we headed to Chestnut Hill near Ted’s parents’ neighborhood. Chestnut Hill has many good drinking holes.

Ted’s first selection was Campbell’s Place. It had attractive decor with brick walls and original artwork on the walls visible with indirect lighting. There were delicious aromas of food delivered to all of the pretty people sitting at the very crowded bar. We shared a chicken and cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese and roasted garlic brussel sprouts.

A long-haired local (I think it was a radio celeb) leaned against the wall at the end of the bar, looking sullen and emitting the forelorn look of an artist but he allowed a big smile to escape when a young woman approached him.  The young blond  wearing a tight sweater, heels and no pants (beige leggings) paraded back and forth from the bathroom to the front of the bar, entertaining everyone with her attire or lack of. (Note to self  “beige leggings draw attention”.)

March 2013 –

8337 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118

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