Doobie’s Bar

Doobie's Bar

Doobie’s Bar

Doobie’s Bar

It was a cold, wet winter and this was another rainy, cold Friday night in Philly which made us grateful to have the bucket list for entertainment when the summer boating was just a distant memory.

We decided to try Center City for a change and checking the map we found Doobies. I have been driving past Doobie’s for twenty years and never thought I would step foot inside ever.

Doobie's Bar

Doobie’s Bar

It was packed with talkative, laughing people and there were no empty bar stools or tables at first.

Once we ordered our drinks, a table opened up right behind us. Ted and his friend Gayle met up with us just as we were sitting down.

Doobies loves animals. There were 2 little fluffy pooches at the next table, so we were petting them while we sipped our cocktails. There was a huge pile of board games off the bar and the waitress was super friendly.

February 2013 –

2201 Lombard St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 546-0316

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