Happy Holidays at Paddy’s Old City Pub

Paddy's Bar

Paddy’s Bar

Paddy’s Bar

Besides being the namesake bar of the funny TV comedy show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”  Paddy’s is a classic blue-collar neighborhood Irish bar, located down near the Delaware River under one of the bridges.

Paddy's Chalkboard

Paddy’s Chalkboard

We are very fond of Paddy’s. No frills. No “No Smoking”. It is a long, thin establishment with décor of green walls and a few framed photos of Irish catholic heroes on the walls, looking as if they were hung in the 1960s without much thought, coated with dust and smoke tar. The bar stools are in need of patches.

Ted joined us, introducing us to his friend Money, a long-haired handsome sailor from New Jersey and Money’s girlfriend Rose, a beautiful young social butterfly from Poland who told stories of her acting career to everyone she landed upon.

The bar’s “Greedy Santa” game was in progress at the end of the bar, with potluck dishes served from foil pans and plastic bowls. No pretense. Just a friendly holiday party at Paddy’s.

December 2012

228 Race St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 627-3532

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