Flip & Bailey’s

Flip & Bailey's Pub

Flip & Bailey’s Pub

Flip & Bailey’s

After the successful launch of the third Bucket List season in South Philly, Eric and I were psyched to see if there were any decent pubs in the burbs. Ted came over and we headed west toward Conestoga Road to find Flip and Bailey’s.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, we immediately had a mishap at the start of the evening. Eric had backed his new SUV into a pole while at the gas station and crunched his new fender. A badge of good times?

Hard to find in the early winter darkness on a curvy road, we finally came upon the attractive modern bar. There were very few patrons and it was very quiet. The style of the interior included new wood tables and windowsills with shiny hardwood floors, not a dive kind of place.

The huge, athletic bouncer at the door with nothing to do readily explained that Flip & Baileys is home to the college crowd and the emptiness was due to winter break. When courses are in session the bar is known for penny drinks on Friday nights – sure to attract the coeds.  With the bar to ourselves, we enjoyed listening to Ted’s tales of survival from an ocean storm on his sailboat.

December 2012

Flip & Bailey's logo

Flip & Bailey’s logo

900 Conestoga Road,
Rosemont, PA


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