Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

With the boating season done and Thanksgiving guests gone, I dusted off my bucket list from 2011 and decided to research some new places and refresh the list. The first place to catch my eye had a curious name — Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar. Their web site boasts that “you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning” — they begin pouring at 7AM six days a week.

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar Sign

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar Sign

Being a fan of birthdays and neighborhood pubs, it quickly became tops on the list. Despite the cold rainy night, we plugged in the address in the GPS and took off for South Philly.

Through the darkness and rain, Ray’s sign illuminated the street corner and we found a parking spot a few feet from the door. We found two empty stools right next to a twinkling Christmas tree decorated with old 45s and did some people watching.

Observing that Ray’s had a “special” we ordered two of them – a shot and a beer for $4 each — which prompted the bartender to ring a bell. Congratulations, we made it to Rays! As promised, it was karaoke night and the crooner in the packed side room was screeching with abandon to the room filled with a queue of waiting singers.
We sat near a Christmas Tree decorated with old 45s and watched people at the bar. Observing they had a “special” we ordered two of them – a shot and a beer for $4 – and the bartender rang a bell. The karaoke female singer in the back room was screeching.

December 2012

1200 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 365-1169


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