The Pub on Passyunk East

Eric, Ted and I were well fed after the sardine feast at the last pub and psyched about the success of that bucket list achievement, the bar with the funny name.  We hopped in the car, crossed over a few blocks using the navigation system, and found The Pub On Passyunk East aka The POPE.

Arriving around midnight, we spotted happy, well-dressed people reveling outside the front door of the pub. We entered and squeezed single file through the crowd in the doorway to the end of the bar. It was a darkly warm establishment, with old woodwork, molding around the ceiling and walls and spacious rooms in the back for dining. The vibe in the POPE was up.

Everyone was friendly, wholesome and handsome. We ordered Kenzingers, a Philly local brew, and listened to classic rock and roll between conversations. A roomy and classic neighborhood pub, the crowd was committed to staying until last call but feeling very satisfied we called it a night with a promise to return.

1501 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 755-5125


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