North Bowl Lounge and Lanes


North Bowl Lounge and Lanes

Strikingly Different

The North Bowl Lounge and Lanes in Northern Liberties is very popular. On the first floor near the entryway there is a very loud lounge filled with customers waiting for their turn to bowl.

North-Bowl-in-Northern-Liberties-in-Philadelphia-7Despite a ton of lanes in this bowling alley, on two floors no less, there was a two hour wait!  Luckily the pub had a tempting menu (a plus for being vegan friendly) and we enjoyed a zillion kinds of tater-tots.

We never did get to a lane but the buzz in the place was very energizing.  There were swarms of attractive women, one of them lifting her shirt repeatedly to show off her new tats on her back. The bright arcade lights inspired Ted to buy white underpants from a vending machine, or maybe the muse was the lass with the new tats.

January 2011

909 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Opened 2006.

From Their Website:

“North Bowl is the ultimate hang-out…From the retro benches from bowling alleys of the 50s to the sculptural bar and glass enclosed pod that overlooks the downstairs lanes from the lounge, North Bowl is a place that is truly unique in Philadelphia.”

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